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Hello, and thanks for dropping by, I'm Kevin Dawes and I will be your guide through our family history as we know it to date. I hope that you enjoy your tour, and just maybe, you may have some information concerning our family that would be of interest to us all.

The gentleman on the left? . . . . my father, who, in 1929, at the age of 6, moved with his parents from Prospect in South Australia, to Chorkerup near Albany, Western Australia, then to Redmond in 1936.

More on him a little later, or take a little peek here.

Raymond George DAWES

1923 - 2001

A little of me.

Although being born in Albany, with our father being in the Australian Army, my brother, Trevor and I, have lived almost everywhere else but. We had a couple of years in Malaya, where our first half sister Susan was born, then a couple of years in N.S.W. where sisters Diane and Noeline arrived. Trevor went into the Army, with the associated travel, including a stint in Singapore. After I left school at 14, I worked on dairy farms, sheep and cattle stations, with a lot of horse work, did some time on whale chasers and worked as fireman on the old steamies (trains), among other things, before I did some well spent time in the Navy, (engineering of course, what else?), again with the associated travel including several trips to SE Asia and the Pacific & Indian Oceans, and got my helmsman ticket, on an aircraft carrier. This was followed by a bit of time as Chief Engineer of a trawler and of all things, nearly a year as a shearers cook?, worked on a cotton farm in Qld. and so on before driving semi trailers all over the country, but mainly Perth/Darwin and outback Western Australia with a couple of mining companies thrown in. This took around 11 years to get out of the system before settling everywhere in the great north-west, with settling points in Karratha, Broome, Derby & Kunnunurra. During this time (about 13 years) I did mainly professional photography & film processing, with a bit of video work with tourists in and around the gorges of Fitzroy Crossing, along the Gibb River road, Tunnel Creek and Windjana. Unfortunately in 1993 the doctors decided it was time to have a hip replacement, which put the brakes on a lot of things, . . . very rapidly, . . . .so, "down south" again it was, and here I remain, . . . .so far :-(

I recently moved back to Albany Western Australia, my home-town, after having spent the last 6 1/2 years in Bunbury and hope now to get some time (a lot) to get this site finished.

If you have any queries or updates please don't hesitate to e-mail me.


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