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Before we get down to the nitty gritties, we must first thank all of the Families who have contributed over a lot of years. A special thanks to E.M.Seymour and H.C.Jones who researched and compiled the original manuscript, with information gratefully supplied by Family members, in particular, the Blackwell Family, W.E.(Wally) Dawes, Ray Fogarty, Jean Scott, Ruth Taylor and Betty Roberts who also typed the original manuscript.

For this up-dated version, again, special thanks must go to the Blackwell and Jones Families, in particular Charmaine, her sister Coral and their Families who supplied the GedCom file that is with-in. Thank you all !

The gentleman on the left?, . . . . my great, great Grandfather, more on him further in.

A Brief Outline

The name DAWES derives from the Biblical, DAVID, but in England it was frequently abbreviated and/or corrupted to such diminutives as DAU, DAVE & DAWE, due partly to the confusion in medieval scripts between U, V, & W. With the introduction of surnames, some of the above were retained but often the generative S or the filial SON were added to create, amoungst many other derivitives from David, to the present day surnames, DAW, DAWS, DAWSON, DAVE, DAWES & so on. An example of how names could have been corrupted or misinterpreted can be found on the Family Crest. With that style of writing, it would not have paid to have bad handwriting skills.

Our Family history as we know it to date, began with the birth of William DAWES around 1785, who in 1806, married Hannah STOCKWELL. They had four children known to have lived to adult-hood, Charlotte, Charles, George & William, but only Charles & William married and had families.

Charles (left) was the first to emigrate from London, arriving in 1839 with his wife of 7 months, Elizabeth, nee CHANDLER. He was followed by George in1848, who returned to England for about 12 years in 1860, during which time their mother died. He returned in1872 with his wife Sarah, nee PRIOR, and his sister Charlotte who, after 4 months at sea, would have turned 65 around the time of their arrival in Adelaide. William was the last to arrive in 1853 with his wife Agnes and their first 5 children, a sixth child, Helen Stewart, was born at sea, but as no record of her death can be found to date, it is presumed she may have died at sea, or shortly after arriving at Adelaide. Although they all landed in South Australia, descendants of both Charles and William can now be found in all Australian states.

So far there are 643 Surnames and almost 2,800 Names associated with the Dawes Family since William and Hannah.

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